Focus on organic farming

Organic farming is a high priority for our farming at Tjele Gods. The transition to organic fields started in 2017 and the area has only grown steadily since then. Today the whole agriculture at Tjele is organic and we are proud to be one of the country’s largest organic farms. In the future we wish to provide a range of different organic products directly from the farm to the consumer.


In our fields, we grow organic vegetables and grains. The basic idea behind organic farming is that you do not spray or use mineral fertilisers – and that is exactly why the animals play a central role in the supply of nutrients to our organic crops. For us, it is important to grow and produce organic food without pesticide residues because we believe that this is better for the body, the animals and the groundwater around us. With focus on animal welfare and biodiversity, we believe the earth and the nature is better preserved and thus also left in a better condition when it is passed on to future generations.


In addition to our organic vegetables and grains, we also grow forage for our organic dairy cattle which today counts approx. 800 cows. Our cattle are of great importance to the supply of nutrients to our organic crops at the estate. In addition to the dairy cattle, we also have a smaller organic heard cropping the extensive areas. Having organic cows means, among other things, that they are on grass for a minimum of six hours every day during the summer and are only fed with 100% organic forage.


We wish to provide a range of different organic products directly from the farm to the consumer

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