Beautiful nature

The nature around Tjele is unique. It has its old meltwater gorge twisting towards Tjele Langsø, its grazed meadows, ancient oak trees and organic farms with the edge of the wood in the horizon. All this and much more, provides excellent conditions for hunting experiences at Tjele Gods.

Your hunting experience

Tjele Gods has a rich nature that provides excellent hunting grounds for your next hunting experience. The beautiful terrain provides extremely exciting and challenging hunting settings.

We can assist with catering during the hunt at the historic settings at Tjele Gods or out in the forest. Overnight accommodation in newly built rooms is possible as well and dinner can also be served, both in the evening before or after the hunt.

If you are interested in hunting arrangements, please contact our gamekeeper Jesper at

Sustainable hunting

It is important for us that both we and the nature have a good experience when the hunting takes place. Sustainability and venison care are therefore a high priority at Tjele Gods. Every year, a biotope plan is formed for the property in order to meet the diversity of the nature. This, among other things, includes vegetation care, flower fields etc. Our efforts helps to enrich the nature and ensure better living for the venison and increases the biodiversity too.

On bird hunts, quality is our trademark. The aim is for quality rather than quantity. Pheasants are propagated annually for hunting. This takes place in a natural and sustainable setting where we use eggs from our own pheasant hens. This gives us a strong and healthy population of pheasants at our hunting terrains. Additionally, it is important for us to use all the meat from the animals we shoot by either using it for dinner on the hunt or selling it. Meat from pheasants can be bought by contacting the gamekeeper:

Multifarious wildlife

At Tjele Gods there are species for hunting, but also other species who settles. The sea eagle lives in the old beech forest towards the lake and we often get a visit from the osprey and the golden eagle.

In the forests, there is a permanent natural population of red deer, fallow deer and venison. The deer population is much protected through professional and sustainable venison care and the goal for us is to have a healthy population with animals in all ages. 

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