More than just a forest 

The two largest forests are Lindum forest on the northside of Tjele’s lake and the forest around Tjele Gods. Moreover, there is a number of smaller forests around the estate. The forests are important to Tjele and the local area surrounding it. It is an important part of the beautiful landscape and is also used for production, hunting and horseback riding.

The history of the forest

The forest has been shaped by planting beginning in the 18th century as well as a number of powerful storms. Especially the storms in 1981 and 2005, together with the ensuing planting, characterise the look of the forest today. In addition, there is a number of ancient monuments which bring a historical feel and look to the terrain.

Wood species

We grow a large number of different wood species for production of different products. The forest is in constant development controlled by the passage of time and conscious forestry. The forests today generally contain:

The coniferous forest includes Common spruce, Sitka and Grandis. The coniferous wood is used for construction, pallets, paper and biomass which is usually preliminary work for the domestic market.

The deciduous forest is dominated by beech and oak. It is, among others, used for production of furniture, floors, stairs etc. Furthermore, the wood is also used for piles, firewood and biomass.

The Christmas tree production is divided into a conventional and an organic part. Both Nordmann fir, common spruce and a smaller part of Nobilis are grown to the conventional Christmas tree production. The organic Christmas trees are a newly started production of Normann fir trees which can be marked with the red eco-label.

Nobilis is the main sort used for cutting greenery and decorations. In addition, there is Normann fir, pine and cypress etc.

The forests do also consist of more than just trees. You may find many bogs, lakes and other beautiful gems. The interplay between an open and dense environment provides excellent conditions for the venison and hunting.

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