Farming with care

A greener future

Tjele Gods is a beautiful estate placed in the heart of Jutland. It makes up approximately 4000ha and is beautifully situated with large fields, forests, and lakes. The center of attention is sustainability and organic farming - and at the estate you can experience one of the country’s largest organic farms.



At Tjele Gods, you will find one of the country’s largest organic farms. In our fields, we grow organic vegetables, grains, and feed for our organic dairy cattle.



Tjele’s forests are managed as a modern forestry with a large number of different tree species. The wood production and values of the nature are central elements in the daily operations.



Tjele Gods has a rich nature location for your next hunting experience. The beautiful terrain provides extremely exciting and challenging hunting settings.


The history of Tjele Gods is dated back to the end of the 13th century where the land was collected for estate under the cathedral chapter Viborg. Read more about the estate’s exciting history and find out which of the owners are characterised in novels and writings today.  



Organic farming and sustainability are of high priority at Tjele Gods 

Experience the estate

In addition to the organic farming, the estate has rich forestry, rental of leases (both private and for businesses), rooms for parties, weddings, personal – or business arrangements and with the option for both overnight stay and catering. Furthermore, the beautiful surrounding nature is used for hunting, horseback riding, and fishing.

Tjele Gods has been passed on from father to son and has been in the Lüttichau’s possession since 1739. Today the estate is run by the estate's 10th generation owner, Christian Ditlev von Lüttichau.